December 15th, 2008


Wind Chili

3oF with a -13oF windchill this morning. That's pretty chilly. I got up and out late, and it was still that cold. Ground is all crunchy.

Big week. Need to start/finish my year review doc. The other big event on Wed, with a few things left to wrap up before then. And, of course, the start of vacation on Fri.

I have yet to hear how the D4nte, YakumoFuji, RedneckNinja, DLC, Goat gathering went.

I need to start packing, I'm not sure of the schedule yet but I'm planning on visiting RedneckNinja for X-day and then hit up GoofyRobo/MikiChan after that for a bit before returning home.

I played some Mortal Kombat vs DC and Prince of Persia over the weekend. Got some decent points compared to the past couple weeks of challenges, but didn't win. Others did some last-minute point boosts to score.

I've been having lots of wrist pain, so I've been trying to stay away from the computer and 360 a bit more to rest it. Found my brace, so I've been wearing that as long as I can stand at night. Also took some ibuprofen, which seemed to help both the pain and my ability to fall/stay asleep last night. I overslept a bit.

Watched some football last night, some good games. KC managed to pull a loss despite everything. I've been getting more into football game watching lately, well sports in general. I guess as a replacement for the hockey I want to watch? Anyway, it's something besides the stupid sitcoms and infomercials that are on otherwise. Easy enough to relax to, and I don't care about who wins, really so I don't worry about missing anything.

Anyway, on to the work day.
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