March 3rd, 2008



Looks like I skipped another week. To be fair, it was pretty high stress at work - our project was wrapping up.

I ordered the bike rack and hitch, so they should be in... well, perhaps by the end of the week. I'm looking forward to being able to cart bikes around easily. Still need to look for the tint, though.

It was an amazing weather weekend. 60+ degrees, if a bit windy. We went up to StJ to MG to play ITG, DDR, etc. I want a PnM Fever machine - it has pretty much all the songs in it. Played some anime themes on ITG, did one round of DDR, had a free PPP round, wore ourselves out on DMX, and had fun with KBM. The usual, plus some random other games. Went to Dave's for dinner and had quite possibly THE slowest service ever, and it wasn't particularly good either. Food was, though. I went ahead and had the cornbread, figuring the exercise made up for the slip. There's not much else I'd eat there as far as sides. We ended up going back afterwards to use the rest of the tokens. It wasn't a bad trip at all, better than the long drive to other locations.

We got back and finally moved the old bed out to the dumpster. It was a bit of a pain, but with the nice weather we couldn't pass up the chance. I was dead tired after. Oh, we stopped at a couple other stores, and ended up using a coupon at Target for some Pirates and Maple Story cards.

Yesterday was a complete veg day. Didn't leave the place, even though the weather was nice. Low on food, so have to restock today.

I'm tying to concentrate on occupying my brain since it'll be slow at work for a bit. I have yet to recover from the data wipe, so I've decided to put some time towards recreating what was lost. I'll also need to do some backups, just in case. I've got Fri off, which is notice day.
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Oh yeah, forgot to mention that we went to George's place on Fri night. Dressed up, etc. It was a nice time, even though the others at the table were somewhat annoying. The cook had some egg issues, which were amusing. We tried the over the shoulder shrimp toss, which didn't go well. I'm used to having more time. In any case, it was a nice evening. We did a bit of shopping after.

Also put the higher thread count sheets on, which make a bit of difference. Oh, and got the skirt going, too. Still need to get rid of the old TV and its freakin huge box, but the bedroom is coming along nicely.

I haven't been playing much, just keeping my streak going. I've been more into reading lately, which is kinda nice but my eyes have felt it here and there.

Hmm, right. Found PSP batteries on clearance got TRU, so got a few. Just need a cheap memstick to use with one for the recovery feature. Then I can play Patapon on my slim. It's an interesting game, kind of frustratingly hands-off while almost keeping a micromanagement feel. I got most of the way through the demo, so I want to go back and complete that for the reward item.

I think I found the version of Daft Punk's Harder, Better, Stronger, Faster that I've been looking for, but I'm going to try to find samples of a few other mixes just to be sure.

I think I may stay at work for lunch to avoid the weather. Maybe I'll hit the store on the way home for food and vitamins.

I wonder about cleaning the projector, I can see dust building up. Doesn't appear to have affected the image too much yet.

I think I may have lost my gift cards to Brazil. That's not good, since they expire this month. I'm pretty sure I had them on my last trip, I just don't know where they went after that.
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