February 13th, 2008



So I took a half day Mon, went home for lunch and stayed there. Stayed home yesterday. Looks like I finally got sick enough to do so - I don't think I had to do that the whole past year. Basically, it was coughing too much that caused it. And the cold air going to/from work made it worse. Added to the general blah feeling I had and the lack of sleep... yeah.

I didn't do much - I vegged, but didn't really play or do anything much that was exciting. I'm getting a bit more used to the new bed. I like it quite a bit, it has a different feel to it and is quite comfortable. The comforter doesn't fit very well, though. It's short one direction or the other, even though it's supposedly sized correctly. This bed is 12" wider and 4" longer than my previous one. The length is a bit hard to tell, but I do notice that I don't have to have my head crammed against the wall all the time so my feet don't hang off. There seems to be plenty on width, and I can stretch out pretty well without dangling off the sides.

We're still watching Planet Earth, which still rocks in BR. Finally started (re-) watching Death Note. I'm really getting back into the intricacies of the story, and remembering some of the upcoming events. I hope to stick with it and finish it off this time.

I thought I had something else to mention, but I'm still a bit fried.
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