August 21st, 2007


BioShock Rocks, Amazon Orders

Well, I was able to play some BioShock over lunch. I managed to get 2 achievements and to the beginning of the new stuff. Collapse )

Overlord... sigh. I had hoped to be finished with my Good campaign before today. I made it past the Desert, but not much further. Guess that one will be shelved for at least the next few days.

I've been buying more TPBs lately, as well as games and other things. I forget which I have and have not posted here.

Yesterday, I just picked up Lazarus Churchyard and another Warren Ellis title, City of Silence. Both were enjoyable, and I liked different pieces of each especially well. I have yet to read Demo and Channel Zero.

The other week, I grabbed DMZ, then after reading it over dinner, DMZ vol 2.

I lucked out and found the last few of the StormWatch series at HPB awhile back.

I ordered a few things from Amazon today:
"Planetary Vol. 3: Leaving the 20th Century" Warren Ellis; Paperback; $10.19
- I want to continue this story, the last volume left me hanging.

"Desolation Jones" Warren Ellis; Paperback; $10.19
- This is available in the local shop as individual issues for about the same price. I'd rather have the TPB.

"Sunset Boulevard (Special Collector's Edition)" William Holden; DVD; $7.99
- Budget Film Noir, which I have a craving for

"Laura (Fox Film Noir)" Gene Tierney; DVD; $7.49
- Budget Film Noir, which I have a craving for

"Eragon" Video Game; $9.99
- A $10 360 game, even if it sucks. More Nerd Points, and something to amuse 2 players with. Or frustrate, we'll see.

"Night of the Comet" Robert Beltran; DVD; $7.49
- A bad movie that I enjoy. I don't think I've ever seen it unedited. Cheap.

"The Sergio Leone Anthology (A Fistful Of Dollars / For A Few Dollars More / The Good, The Bad And The Ugly / Duck, You Sucker)" Clint Eastwood; DVD; $35.99
- Holy Hell, I had to have this. It's the deal of the day or somesuch, and about 50% off. Extras galore, and will nicely replace my previous 3 disc basic bland crap set.

Now to endue the rest of my workday so I can go explore ... RAPTURE.