August 20th, 2007


Stress Break

Work has been nucking futs. I worked 2-5am, then 12-5pm, then 1-5am, then 7am-2pm, had 1 day off, then 7am-5pm. Something like that, too many random hours.

Add in insomnia the week before, and I am all kinds of fried.

They wanted to give me today off, but I knew that wasn't happening. Sure enough, today was another full annoying day. That's ok, though.

I pre-ordered BioShock Limited Edition. At 10am tomorrow, I will be at EB to pick it up. I'll work my day, then have the night and the whole next day to play it. I took Wed off instead of today. Thinking ahead, that is.

Other stuff is going on, but I'm too fried.
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