November 20th, 2006


Viva La 360

I did it. I went and bought Viva Pinata.... In my defense, it is an amusing game. Kind of like Animal Crossing and Monster Rancher and Harvest Moon combined. You... Breed... Pinata... Yeah.

So the story is that I went to La Boutique De La Target and got myself a Wii giftcard and a PS3 giftcard. And then went back when we were out and bought Lego Star Wars II, since it came with a $10 giftcard. Of course, then they were out of Wii giftcards and you can't put it on a gift card you're using to buy it, so I ended up with another PS3 giftcard since the 360 ones suck (1 in 60 tries at 4 different stores worked).

Later in the day, we went to yet another store and I decided to grab VP, since it had a $10 giftcard back and I could use the $10 card from LSWII. Yet again, they were out of Wii giftcards so I got yet another PS3 one.

We also went to Dave's for dinner and D&B so I could nearly kill myself on PIU. I am completely out of shape. We also did some random geocachine before the sun went down and it got too cold for our gear.

At home, we decided that we needed to finish the story on LSW before we played 2, so we did that real quick. Then we played some 2. It's more of the same, maybe slightly prettier. Fun, but not really engaging.

(OMG, some rather short/large person just skipped down the cube row just now. Shook the floor, even.)

I took the first turn at VP just to check it out, and I ended up playing for about 2 hours. Then they started their own game and played for about 3 hours. Yep, it's like that. I made a conscious effort to not look at achievements or spoilers, and just play the game as a sandbox as I felt like it. It seems to have worked out so far.

I named my Sprinkling "Ho" for "Hose," my Gatherling is "Magic," (get it? Magic the Gatherling) and my Weedling is "Pothead." The first two worms are "Big Wii" and "Wii S3." Right. I haven't bothered naming anything else, as I've pretty much sold them off.

Level 15 is about where I'm at now. I've done a few crates, I want to get to the next Tower piece, and my garden has been full several times now. I've Master Romanced the worms and the birds so far, and I think I'm going to try snakes or flies next. I got a duck, and misunderstood the requirements on the order of 10x the amount of water necessary. The deer and spider have remained elusive so far.

I didn't read the bonus thingy correctly, so I started my game without the 5 extra accessories. Not a big loss, really. I have yet to purchase any of them.

I must say that it is a pleasure to be able to just relax and go with a whim and suddenly get another achievement. I kind of miss that sort of freedom, as I have been playing with the achievements in mind lately on other games.

Of course, all this put a halt to my Gears progress - let alone any of the other games. I did pick up the 50 shark achievement in Bankshot though, which leaves me with only 2 - golf and time trial, both modes I dislike playing.

The holiday rush has started. Holiday music and large crowds are already forming everywhere I've been. Ouch. Time to stay away from that as much as possible.

I realized that events have conspired to 3 days of waiting in the span of a week. PS3 launch, Wii launch, and post T-day shopping. Reltailers must be ecstatic.