December 19th, 2005


Sacri Facial

Sacrifice is part of life, you can't simply run off and do whatever you feel like at any given time without consequence. I don't understand why there are so many people who fail to grasp this concept. There are always decisions to be made of X vs Y and Z vs Q. If you feel one is more important, then that is what you choose. You make that choice and then you take resposibility for the results. You can't necessarily have X, Y, A and Q. There's a balance, there is exclusivity.

As many people know, I can tend towards being somewhat miserly at times. This is my choice, and I willingly make it. I rarely buy items of value at full retail price, for example. I will willingly sacrifice the time and experiences I could have had earlier by waiting until there is a sale, rebate, or coupon. Most of the people I know do not do this - if they want something they go get it immediately. Sometimes, they don't take other factors into consideration and end up being late on paying rent, phone, cable, water, or electricity bills. Generally, I will make some sort of sacrifice before I go after a large purchase. I will tend towards having more meals at home, or staying home rather than going out, or skipping something else I want. It's a part of me, a legacy of Chichi.

The same concept applies to more than simple consumerism, though. Friendships, relationships, work, home, family - they are the same way. It sounds a bit strange, but sometimes it can pay off to perform a cost/benefit analysis to everything and everyone in your life. If the cost far outweights the benefit, then perhaps a change should be made. It could be a simple discussion, or a series of events, or many other options. It might end up being a complete surgical strike to remove the offending component from your life completely.

While momentary happiness is important, shouldn't long-term satisfaction be a goal? Some people will be there for you today, and others tomorrow. Perhaps one or two might never be there at all, even though they assure you all the time that they will.

I'm hopping from point to point without satisfaction, I feel. The main thrust of the rant is that you have to be willing to make sacrifices and accept full responsibility for your decisions, no matter what the scope. There are no excuses, no contingent factors, no way out of it. Make all your decisions in life with forethought regarding potential outcomes, and accept whichever outcome results from your actions. You made the choice, now deal with it.