April 8th, 2005



Bag of Donuts

Meh, I dislike when toys go bad. The DVD Recorder/VHS deck I bought was a POS. I ended up returning it. I went online and found that BB was having an on-line only sale. So I went ahead and ordered the Sony one online and picked it up at the store. Basically, I ended up with the 4 year replacement guarantee for free. Not a bad deal. I tried it out last night, and it is a bit better - the Apex still doesn't like the resulting disc, but the PC played it just fine. It did, however, have some video glitches and did that annoying stutter effect a few times. I'll have to look into that.

The weather has been really nice lately. It's pleasant to walk outside without a coat or jacket, although it has been a bit too bright. I also got the oil changed yesterday.

We've watched Zatoichi and Laputa, as well as finished Lost In Translation over the past few days. Good stuff all around, although I want to finish the bonus material for LIT to see if they mention their vision for the film. It was a good exploration of culture shock at first, but then it drifted.

I've been working on my PHP code. I'm starting to feel more comfortable using the two simple classes I found. I'm still not quite used to working with CVS for my code, though. I've made quite a bit of progress, which is a nice change. I had been stalled for a week or so.

Nothing new with work, same old story. There's a huge project coming up, but nothing much we can actually do on it yet. The status meetings have started, or will today. 3 times a week, we're supposed to meet for status. Bleh.

I managed to finish Doukutsu Monogatari yesterday. It was kinda fun. I didn't take the difficult path, and the end sequence was rough enough. There were two spots which caused me much replay, and the end was the worst. You effectively fight quite a few bosses in a row, and some at the same time.

So now I'm sitting and waiting for LittleLove to arrive to take me to lunch. We're going to the big Chinese buffet, the one that isn't too too bad. Afterwards, I'll try to keep occupied until the status meeting and then head home after that. LittleLove is cooking chicken and rice for dinner, and then we'll probably continue getting their stuff packed up.
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