April 4th, 2005



Pimp My Ride DVDs

We met up with earthphoenix at Mitsuwa on Sat. We actually ended up leaving early, and so we got most of our browsing and such out of the way before the ramen stand opened for lunch. They remodeled, and the ramen stand isn't the same as it used to be - it's still good, but not quite the same. LittleLove and I ended up getting Gyoza from the Korean stand and then ramen from the ramen stand. It was good, and neither of us was able to finish. Earthphoenix got some veggie dish from the Korean stand which looked interesting. After lunch, we did our shopping - 20lbs of rice plus various candy, spices, and drinks from the grocery. LittleLove also picked up some interesting chopsticks.

Then we headed to our first DDR stop, J-Toys. LittleLove ended up finding a stuffed Chopper at the place, and we saw a great DDR Extreme mods edit. The pads were the most perfect I've ever played on. They were shiny and beautiful and clean and... yeah. Looked/played like they were brand new. I think a) they maintain them well, b) they keep people from screwing around on them when not playing, and c) don't get as much traffic as other locations. Our job done, we headed on.

Next was GameWorks. Always good. The line was incredible, and stretched out the doors. I wandered in to find the broom, and came back just in time to get the card. We headed up to play. I wanted to try ITG, so I hung out there until I could. LittleLove and Earthphoenix played some DDREx. LittleLove and I played some ITG and watched Earthphoenix play Area 51 Site 4. Then it was back to ITG. There were something like 30 credits on the machine, so we ended up playing quite a few free games there. My USB key didn't work, so I couldn't save scores or anything. I did manage to get my name on the machine twice, though. #6 I think, one of which I'm pretty sure was for Tell, but I don't know the other. I found out that I can't do hands very well, as it takes me too long to get back up after I put them down. At one point, Earthphoenix and I went over and played some GF. We wandered over by the pinball machines and they played while I rested.

We headed back to the car so I could have a snack, then decided on Game World as our next stop. The GPS was acting up, but we managed to find it anyway. They had a DMX2AJP! Oh, how I want that machine. It was in really good shape, as well - perfect response, clean, etc. LittleLove and I played a bit of that, and then we tried to play DDDREx. The coin box was full, so our last token got stuck. The attendand was busy playing HotD2, but came over and gave us our credits, plus an extra. LittleLove and I showed off the Luv2Me right/left routine. Earthphoenix played a round, as well. Then we left to try to fit another place in before dinner.

Once again the GPS was acting up, and we ended up circling around the area before we decided to go ahead and eat. Smokey Bones was the location, and it would have been better if the stupid basketball game wasn't on every damn TV in the place and the drunk idiots didn't keep shouting at every little thing. It was much better after the game. The food was good, after our 1/2 hour excursion to Tweeters in which a Sony evangelist caught me and wouldn't let me go while Earthphoenix and LittleLove watched The Incredibles. Ah well, at least it was half the time they initally told us it was going to be. Food was decent.

Next stop was Brunswick Zone. They were supposed to have ITG and DDREx. What they had was a converted ITG cab running 5th Mix and a 3rd Mix cab with Extreme. WTF? So we just left, no wanting to bother with the line and kiddies swarming the machine.

The final task was to get Earthphoenix to a train station before heading home ourselves. This again turned into an adventure, but we finally made it. Our drive home wasn't too bad, as I didn't really have trouble staying awake until the last 10 or so miles. Oh, and we were getting close to running on fumes at that point.

Sunday I went to BB and got a DVD-Recorder/VHS deck. Finally, I wanted to get all those VHS onto DVD. The one I found was a floor model with no manual or remote, but it was $200 less than the Sony the evangelist tried to sell me the night before. I ended up getting it along with a few films I had been wanting and the BB rewards card (for free). I got it home, hooked up, and started dubbing an old VHS to DVD. Meanwhile, I set up the Harmony for the new device and downloaded the manual. The Harmony gave me a few issues, but I thought I had it working at last. I couldn't test it since the dub was still going, and I didn't want to disturb it. When it was done, I popped the disc out and put it in the DivX player. Yeah, no. It ate it and wouldn't give it back.

So I ended up taking the damn thing apart to get the disc out. I tried it in the Apex. No-go. Ok, how about the PC? Nope. Hmmm... The DVD-R? Yup, back in there it worked fine. So I might be taking it back - what's the use in dubbing my VHS to DVD if I can only play the DVDs on the same device? Right, none. Ah well, I did get the extended warranty so that might be one recourse - if not, I'll just exchange it for another one - maybe the sony. The Harmony didn't work, either.

After LittleLove got home, I tried updating the Harmony again and cracked open Lost in Translation. We started watching the film, but didn't quite make it through. Interesting so far. I have a support request into Harmony to fix the issues, so hopefully they'll come up with something. If I can get to the menus with the Harmony, I'll be set... If not, it'll be a hassle to take the thing back to the store and all that.

Work today I actually started on getting my documentation done for Wed. We had a team meeting today which was uneventful, and I've done a bit of fact chasing this afternoon. Lunch was Dragon, which sucked. Ugh. The eggrolls were tasty but way too greasy, and the rest of the food was of poor quality. I look forward to LittleLove making chicken and rice tonight.
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