February 9th, 2005



Yesterday over lunch, I got a pretty decent score on trivia. 5400 or thereabouts, which is a personal record. Today, I got a really nice shot on Golden Tee Live, was just slightly off from a hole in one.

We watched Wasabi last night, and thoroughly enjoyed it. We went out just after I got home and the mail had finally arrived, which onl;y took 3 days longer than requested. Then we hit the library so I could get a card and a book - Moving Pictures by Terry Pratchett. I wanted Going Postal, but it was out. Afterwards, we decided to hit the takeout Chinese place. LittleLove played on their DS while I read until the food was ready, then we came home and ate. Delicious.

I've been doing more research on various topics relating to my PHP coding. My bookamrks reflect this, as I've added quite a few relating to maps and data validation. I also made a post in the PHP community regarding the mapping I'm trying to do.

I've done some work at work, and attended a 401k meeting earlier today. I also l ined up some training at the end of this month, and further training is being arranged for sometime in the near future. I'm looking to get my second certification, but it is so new the details aren't available yet.

I suppose I'll recount the trip eventually, although I know if I wait too much longer, the details will fade to the point that it would be mostly useless.
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