November 6th, 2004



Finally finished Kohan II.

Ending sucked.


It wasn't even YOU ARE SUPER PLAYER worthy.

Watching Witch Hunter Robin, trying to catch up to where LittleLove got last night while I slept.

Still not quite thinking right, and have been reverting back to eating like I used to. Horribly.

Talked to RedneckNinja. They're doing well back in L-town.


I've been burning discs wherever I've had the time. I did a dozen the other day, and 10 a few days before that. I'm trying to get some space back so I can reallocate my RAID 0 array to JBOD.

I had issues at work with a new PC, I tried to patch together a nice testing system and ended up mismatching memory. Thankfully, I swapped with a team member's machine and got it all matched. Hopefully, that will settle it. Had some issues with the PC at home, as well. I'm really wanting to do a reformat, but that doesn't seem practical right now.
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