November 4th, 2004


When Will I Remember?

Up early this morning, got to work at 6am. Dunno why, but couldn't sleep. Didn't really go to bed early or take a nap or anything.

Got a new toy. iPaq H3900. Free, for work use.

Ummm... Been brainfried for about a week now, haven't really gotten ahead of the game yet. Work has been okayish. Have had some stuff to do, but little pressure or motivation. I do have a report to do by tomorrow, and I may have to completely rescript and rerun my tests. Someone who I emailed for information deleted without reading my message. That annoys me greatly, and I may have to escalate.

Wow, it's hard to type in semi-complete sentences ATM. Um.... I completely forget what else I keep meaning to update with.

Oh yeah, RedneckNinja called the other night. They're in bad shape, and I hope they can resolve their current issues soon. Hopefully, I'll hear from them tonight or tomorrow.

New DDR, IIDX, and PnM are only 2 weeks away. Not that I've been playing any of that.

LJ sucked yesterday.

Yafro sucks always.

NIS 2K5 sucks.

NIS 2K4 sucks.

LittleLove and I have had our ups and downs... Let's hope we can trend upwards from here on.

Hmm, vacation in 2 weeks. Going to see LittleLove's grandparent. Hopefully we'll get the chance to see our friends as well, but it's a long drive for a short trip.

Got to level 25 in Kohan II. I thought there were only 23 levels. Level 23 was rough, and I ended up replaying it about 5-6 times before I won. Also been playing Car Thief 5 as recommended by Hawkwind, and Insaniquarium. On the iPaq, I've got a few games like Traffic Jam and Tower Mogul to try out.

I sort of feel like I'm getting ready to hibernate. I've been eating more and been less active of late. Perhaps I should change that a bit. I work with some large people, and I definately don't want to become one myself.

So, yeah. Life, as such, keeps plodding along.
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