September 7th, 2004



Lovely day at work. First up, a meeting. Next up, I get handed a project that was due 2 weeks ago. Finally, a 2+ hour meeting and a bit of work to close out the day. Joy.

Ah well, I got Firefox up and mostly customized. Got ICQ running. Have some more desktop tweaks to do, but I appear to be in decent shape setup-wise.

I did manage to work my way to get the application to the power company, which I suppose is a positive thing. I took the dog for a walk over lunch. We finished up our move-in walkthrough checklist and evidently they're supposed to come fix some things today.

Over the weekend, we got the entertainment center set up. We can now play DDR on the Cobalt Flux pad we picked up just before moving... Although we've been playing more UT2k4 than anything else. I got the computers set up last night, just need the cable company to set up the boradband. I haven't decided what we're going to get cable package-wise yet. HDTV and digital are tempting, but pricey.

We've been going out to various stores on a daily basis to spend money on stuff - beanbag chairs, a baby gate to corral the dog, a grill, a chain to keep the grill locked to the apt so it doesn't wander off, a DVD shelf for the overflow form the one we had, food, cleaning supplies, shower curtains, pipe tape, etc.

I had almost 50 pics uploaded from my phone that I sorted through this morning when I got to work, as well. I still haven't remembered to bring in either of my usb keys to get my passwords for the various boards and such I'm used to checking on a daily basis. I haven't touched my KoL accounts in over a week /: so many lost turns...

My boss just stopped by to check in, they'll be gone for the rest of the week.

I don't like where my cube is, everyone walks by and my back is to the opening. We're moving within the building in a month or two, so that should be better. I hope.

Oh yeah, we bought a Shiatsu massage chair thingy. It rocks. I was sold as soon as I demoed it at Bed, Bath & Beyond. The 20% off coupon I had came in handy for that. I still want a foot spa, but... It's so nice to have a strong, kneading massage whenever I feel like it - and my back has been sore pretty much every day from moving all the crap around and such.

I SO wanted this set of cordless tools at Home Depot the other day... We had spent a few hours hacking away at the entertainment center so the wires weren't as crowded, and realized that we should have done more. Those tools would speed it up nicely. Plus, it made me want to destroy build stuff. LittleLove just HAD to pipe in with a voice of sanity that we really wouldn't use them much in the apt... *Sniff*

Anyway, the TV is lovely. We watched Witch Hunter Robin on it yesterday, and it looked beautiful. I'm getting closer to having component cables for the DVD player to TV connection, which should add that last bit of sharpness. The remote still deosn't work, though - and it is getting VERY annoying... Had to watch WHR in English, bleh. Most of the VA work wasn't very good at all.

Well, this test is about done... I'm gonna start one more then head home. I hope LittleLove has dinner cooking.