August 29th, 2004


Quick Update

Sold more stuff.

Packed more stuff - nearing completion, just trying to make sure I have room for the cleaning supplies and other currently-unpackable stuff.

Went to the LAN Party. Rocked. I won a mutant game in under a minute. 20 kills, the rest were 0's except for Rodimus, who had 2 I think. Surprised everyone, especially me. I was just coming off a break due to motion sickness and headache.

Today I'm making a few more deals, and trying to finish up the last of the packing. LittleLove and I may start bringing their stuff over here so that Mon goes smoother. We may also start the cleaning.

I obviously haven't turned the cable modem back in yet - I've been making deals and arranging stuff via email, so doing without would have been bad. Guess it'll be part of tomorrow's tasks after all.

Wow, tomorrow. One more day, one busy day to boot.
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We're Boned

Just talked to RedneckNinja. They can't make it. I called Oz, but they were thinking they wouldn't make it, either. So, as far as unpacking goes - we're boned.

At least we have a few days to do it - I think we can manage most of it on our own. There are only a few difficult items - entertainment center, TV.... I can't think of anything else that we're taking that I can't handle myself and that LittleLove may not be able to handle the other end of.

So, I suppose it isn't really all THAT bad.


I've started bringing most of the items from upstairs down for two reasons.

1) Easier to move out to the truck tomorrow.
2) We can start cleaning upstairs tonight.

The problem is that, the more I move down, the more that is in the way for moving the large pieces out tomorrow.


I beg of you, no one wash their car tomorrow. We can do quite well without weather getting in the way.


Talked to Haha.


I want a nap.
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