July 22nd, 2004


It Is My Friday

And I was at work around 6am. Joy.

Yesterday was a bit stressful, as work was irritating (albeit it kept me busy) and then I had entirely too much to do after work.

I ended up moving the bed downstairs and the tv box and old tv upstairs, as well as do some crap for work, before LittleLove came by. They helped me clean up downstairs, then we relaxed for a bit, ate, and they headed out to finish the interior of my car. Meanwhile, I cleaned upstairs - specifically the bathroom.

They took longer than I expected, so I was vegging to some Jade Cocoon 2 when they arrived. I ended up getting an orb while trying to complete a side quest. Oops. Then we relaxed a bit more before they left. I wanted to play KR2 with the new hadheld mic I got for the PS2, but we just didn't have the chance.

I went to bed right after they left, as I knew I wanted to get in to work early today. I tried to get my tests knocked out, but of course nothing is working. I drafter up an email to the team with instructions on how to run them while I'm gone.

Next is lunch at Panera with LittleLove, then they head off to the airport to pick up Haha. It should work out that I'm home shortly after they arrive.

So not much more to do than survive the day until then. I realized that I still haven't finished my travel post, so I may work on that while I'm waiting.

On a side note, I decided to try a little test of my own. Would you believe I was able to play all 51 turns for the day in KoL in a mere 16 seconds? Amazing, eh? It took probably 20 minutes for 200 turns yesterday during a busier time, but the best part is me not having to sit there and click - just start it going, and let it do its thing. Much more efficient.
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Travel Summary

32,987 miles Sat July 3, 2004
2:38pm leaving home towards Louisville
Collapse )

33,534 miles Sat July 3, 2004
11:01pm (local time) arriving Louisville
Collapse )

33,534 miles Sun July 4, 2004
7:00am (local time) breakfast in Louisville
Collapse )

33,534 miles Mon July 5, 2004
10:00am (local time) leaving Louisville
Collapse )

33,677 miles Mon July 5, 2004
1:00pm (local) arriving Cincy
Collapse )

33,789 miles Tues July 6, 2004
???am (local) waking up in Cincy
Collapse )

33,789 miles Tues July 6, 2004
2:30pm (local) arriving Indy
Collapse )

33,789 miles Wed July 7, 2004
9:00am (local) showering in Indy
Collapse )

34,359 miles Wed July 7, 2004
8:45pm arriving home
Collapse )

Total Miles: 1372
All in all, we had a good trip. LittleLove got to meet many of my friends, and I got to visit with them again. We had fun, it was good to get out of town and away from work and such for a bit.

No pictures, the camera was in my backpack in the trunk for most of the trip. There were a few shots I wanted to take, but was more interested in relaxing and enjoying than documenting.
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