July 19th, 2004



LittleLove acquired a new job, which is good news. Hopefully, they'll have better working conditions and be making more money.

We went out to Thai last night to celebrate. I had THE best catfish with basil I've ever eaten... I don't know if it was a different chef or what, but it was GOOD.

They had to run off to one of the last few days of their old job after that, and I vegged and worked with the new toys. When they came back, we watched the end of the Tour De France coverage. Then we did some split screen - they watched Sex Talk with Sue Johanson while I played some Jade Cocoon 2. That worked out pretty well, though the sound was a small issue. I'm looking into some wireless headphones to address that.

We crashed a bit later. I got up and out pretty much on time this morning. Came to work, and tried to knock out the rest of my testing. Of course, the environment started sucking and they shut parts of it down so I couldn't continue working on it.

Since I was stalled, I figured I'd just head over to the car dealership (as the notice from the leasing company stated) to discuss the end of lease details. What a friggen joke. The idiot I talked to didn't listen to me, didn't answer my questions, and didn't really seem to have any sort of clue. They kept repeating that I had "Lots of options," and could, "do whatever you want." Meanwhile, I was trying to get details and amazed that they wren't actively trying to sell me a new car. Anyway, I finally got the number I needed to call from them and left. I was going to get my oil changed there as well, but decided it wasn't worth my time to deal with them anymore.

Then I headed home and called the headhunter back. They had called as I was leaving work, so I wanted to get someplace quiet and nonmobile to return the call. Have the interview that was supposed to happen Friday rescheduled to today instead. So there's something to look forward to.

LittleLove called, saying that they're going to wash their car after work and will wash mine if I bring it over. Yay. They also said their grandparent is about to give their dog away, so they need to be home more often to take care of it.

I just got off the phone with the clueless person from facilities, and the financing company after that.

$9600 is what I owe on my car still. I'm supposed to send them a check on Wed. Fun stuff. It appears as if that part of my plan worked - I put away the extra cash I would have spent otherwise in a separate account, which is automatically taken from my paycheck. As the total is currently above that amount, I can write the check and get rid of car payments for the next few years. This will help in case something happens with the job situation.

I suppose I'll poke around a bit with work stuff, talk to my coworkers, and attend this meeting coming up. I'd like to finish my vacation post as well, I only have a day or two left to write about and then some holes to fill.
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I'm beat.

Came home after work and crashed with Tiger for a bit. Ate, then waited for the person to call about the job. After 30 mins, I stopped waiting and went to LittleLove's. They were out getting car cleaning stuff, and when they got back we realized they forgot some stuff. So we ended up going to Wally world to get that stuff, then they started on my car while I took theirs to my place to make sandwiches for us both. I returned and read Maxim while they washed, then I helped with waxing and Rain-Xing. It was very dark by the time we finished that, and they continued on to put on the tire foam and clean my windshield.

I was beat, so I called it a night and headed home. There's still more to do on my car, let alone theirs. I'm remembering why I usually pay someone else to do this stuff for me - it's like work.

Anyway, if I can stay awake I'll be vegging or something... Most likely, however, I will be crashing hard RSN.

But my car.. .it looks SO damn sexy!
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