May 19th, 2004



Hello from the AC Staff-

One of our recent batch shippments came into some trouble with the United States Postal System. Somewhere along the shipping lines, the box was heavilly damaged and split open, causing some items to be severely damaged or even lost. All our batch shipping is done via secure EMS and shipped in large reinforced boxes, unfortunely this recent one only partially survived. This is the first time in our deputy history any batch shippment has come under any kind of trouble.

Unfortunetly one or more of your item(s) were lost in the incident. We will be making claims on the post office to recoup, but we will not make you wait for any kind of reimbursement. Below is a list of items that were lost and the total amount. This total will be placed on your AC account as credit towards other goods, however; if you would rather have the money sent to you please reply and let us know how you would like to recieve it (check or paypal).
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Up Early, Rain

I woke up early and couldn't get back to sleep. Naturally, I came in to work early. Of course, THEN I find out that two of my coworkers won't be coming in due to flooding.

Ah well, guess I'll try to keep occupied.

The rain is nice, although the configuration of my plae doesn't lend itself to having the window open when it's raining. Too bad, I like the ozone.
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