May 15th, 2004


Key Bored Man I A

So I got my KBM stuff in yesterday. It's a blast, although I'm getting annoyed with myself for not passing/A'ing some of these songs. I did surprise myself last night by passing 2 songs on Real... But I've been trying to get an A on the first song today to see if that unlocks anything - there are a half dozen songs I've yet to play.

Hung out with LittleLove. We went to Thai for dinner, then hung around watching One Piece and then I played a bit of KBM while they napped. Finally, I was about to crash so I woke them up to go home so they could sleep in a bit before work. It ended up that they came over here for a bit to visit before work anyway. Oh well.

So far today, I took out some trash and saw a chair in the dumpster that I tried to salvage. However, it was a rather large recliner, and I was alone unable to heft it. Then I did some vacuuming, even though the damn thing is clogged with cathair. It still helped. Then, I decided to wash the couch cover and sundy items downstairs. I took a bit to veg and chat with various people before settling in for some KBM time. I know I'm getting better at it, I'm just frustrated when I have major screwups on simple songs. And, I can't find ANY FAQ for KBM. KBM II, sure - there are plenty. But none for 1.

I made fajitas for lunch/dinner - last night's meal was a splurge, and I'm trying to cut back a bit on spending for such things. I mean, I still have to pay my credit cards for my current toys, so I have to sacrifice somewhere. And since insurance and tags were due, it's even tighter than expected. No big deal, though. I'm not hurting, just cutting closer than I'd prefer.

These headaches I've been having for the past few weeks are really annoying. I'm not sure why I have them, but they suck. I'm overly tired and unmotivated. I haven't been keeping up on daily DDR like I should. Today, I did manage to get some stretching and exercise in, though. And I walked a bit. Not the same, but it is something.

I suppose I might head out for a bit... Or I might not. I'm not sure, really. I've been thinking of heading to the mall or somewhere for DDR off and on all day. I've also been considering what I can organize/clean up around here. And, of course, there's PnM, KBM, IIDX, etc to play.
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