May 6th, 2004



I think the fact that I haven't been persuing my personal projects at work, and thus actually accomplishing something, is contributing to the malaise I'm feeling.

Last night LittleLove cooked dinner, which was good. It was a bit late, and it got a bit hot in the apt - both of which contributed to a headache and general blahness. I opened the door after locking the kitties up, and we started to become mosquito food. We went out and... I won't say played tennis, but we hit the balls back and forth and such for awhile.

Then we vegged for a bit. LittleLove started playing some IIDX, while I wasn't feeling very well. I went upstairs and rested a bit, and felt better. I headed downstairs to join them for some IIDX, and started feeling blah again. I realized it was the heat - upstairs with the window open and the ceiling fan running, it was nice and cool. Downstairs with little to no air air circulation and all the electronics, it was hot.
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