May 3rd, 2004


Another Day, Another Toy


Work was BS. Buncha nothing going on.

I got home to find a note saying I had packages waiting. I changed, and went to the PO to get them. Also stopped by the ATM to deposit yet another rebate check and then headed out to DDR for a bit. To my surprise, there were a few people playing. I did a couple FCs and passed Sakura and Max 300 in the same round.

Then I came home to unbox my new toys and play for a bit. I had a sandwich for dinner, fed the cats, and decided to devote time to posting the pics and such. I did clean up the mess I left as well.... mostly. I've still got this LD player sitting in the middle of the floor that I need to get to Goofy somehow.

I think I'll play some BMCR or IIDX 3rd Style now, and perhaps veg to the TV or something. I'm going to wait on PnM until the next shipment arrives with the actual controller - LittleLove and I tried playing on the DC version with a standard controller, and it's a bit rough.
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