May 2nd, 2004


A Good Day


Went to the out of town arcade today with LittleLove and played a bunch of rhythm games. I actually did very well on PPP and KBM. DMX, I was off on... And did okay on DDR. The high light of DDR was getting one less NC on Sakura and playing on Wave.

We had an awful meal at Applebee's. Bleh.

Grabbed some beer on the way back.

Checked the mail and had a package - my new import PS2. It's a Sakura one, which ends up being this metallic pink color that is very nifty. I wanted one that was different than the standard black, so it was easy to tell apart from my domestic one.

Anyway, I'm just down here to check on a few auctions - heading back up to cuddle/sleep.
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Kind of a slow day. Been vegging and doing laundry most of it, although LittleLove assisted me in cleaning up the living room a bit earlier.

So... yeah. Guess I'll crash or something now.
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