April 23rd, 2004



I'm a bit tired. Was up until about 1am playing (DDR) with LittleLove. We were on Revenge Road (?) trying to get something on Wave. I gave up and crashed at 1, although they kept going until after 4. I reset my alarm when it went off at 6:30. Finally got up around 7.

Made it up and out to work before 8, though I didn't have time to check where the meeting was AND get there on time. I ended up just dialing in instead. Good choice, I'm bored with it.

This meeting goes until 10:30, then I'm supposed to be at Cheesecake Factory for lunch at 11. That goes until 1, then I'm free for the day.

I had to redo some of the speaker connections on the receiver last night, but finally have all 3 speakers working. I had to balance the center channel with the fronts, because it was WAY too loud at default. The digital connections are lovely.

Tonight, I'll probably take a nap, go to the store, and perhaps do some DDR. I'd like to watch Zaitochi if I can stay awake.
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Lunch was decent. It was nice to hang and chat with coworkers outside of the prison office. I had a Thai dish that wasn't too bad, but not up to my usual Thai dining experience. Also nabbed a bite or two of a coworker's dessert. Now I'm overly full with a sugar buzz.

And now, more drama
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