April 2nd, 2004


Home Theater Toys

So I'm thinking of redoing my home theater setup. I've been tossing ideas around for awhile...


Prime Candidate: Onkyo TX-NR901. Not only does it have ethernet to connect to internet radio stations, but it upconverts composite and s-video to component.

Budget Backup: Onkyo TX-NR801. Ethernet and upconverts composite to s-video. Save $500, lose the compnent upconvert.

Front Speakers:

Prime: Klipsch SF-1. Matches the rest of my system.

Backup: JBL E60. Cheaper, with nearly the same stats. Doesn't match though.


Prime: Pioneer PDP4341HD. Oh yessss.... Beautiful.

Backup: Phillips 32FD9954. 1/2-2/3 of the cost.

DVD Player:

Prime: Neustron Maestro DVX-1201. DivX, long MP3 filenames, etc.

Backup: Mecotek MK-X4000. DivX.
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