March 19th, 2004


Yeah, Yeah

I'm sniffling all over the place - trying to fight something off, I suppose. My schedule's been so wonky that I think I'll try to make a concerted effort to straighten it out this weekend.

Bought UT2K4 yesterday - Limited Edition 2 DVD set with headset $40 - $20 rebate - $10 UT2K3 upgrade rebate = $10. Not bad for a LE of a new game.

Watched about 2/3 of A Man Called Hero last night with LittleLove. They fell asleep, and I was heading there so we stopped it. Damn fine movie, though. And it's got Andy.

A personal note to myself: Having an electric litterbox doesn't do you any good if you don't plug the damn thing in.

Cats are in jail for using the floor for an auxiliary litterbox. I cleaned most of it up over lunch, and plugged it back in. Cats can wait until I get home, though.

Not sure what I'm doing tonight, since LittleLove is occupied with work and such. I've got several things I've been meaning to do which could use some attention... Or I could actually open UT2K4 and play it...

As much as I'd like to try to stay up until crashtime tonight, I feel a nap coming on later. I'm heading back over to help another team with some configuration stuff in an hour or so, and I'm leaving work from there.

Which reminds me, this morning I was right on time to meet up with this other team that needs assistance. Of course, they weren't really prepared, and then their app went down. After sitting around for over an hour doing nothing, my team mate and I came back to our desks. We're supposed to head back over later to try again.


I'm pretty sure I had more, but I'm having a bit of trouble concentrating today.
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Slow... Boiling... Rage

work, meh.

Came home for a bit and installed UT2K4 then decided to head to Thai for dinner. It was nice and relaxing, and they took good care of me since I was the only customer dining in. After that, I figured I'ld walk down to the comic shop and see if they had the 2 trades I've been wanting. Bingo. Transmetropolitan 8 - Dirge was in, so I bought that. They're ordering Astro City - Confessor for me, and it should be in by Wed. Joy.

Then I hit the store since I was out of bread and nearly out of soy milk. Then I came home and relaxed while reading Transmet. Finished that, then loaded UT2K4 up. Damn, that game is a blast. They fixed what I hated about 2K3 and made it fun again. Somehow, it FEELS like it's running better than UT does on my laptop. Wild. Anyway, I had to stop when the motion sickness got to be too much for me.

Then I had the bright idea of trying to dump my scratch tape of DDR footage onto the editing machine. That turned out to be a few hours of frustration and futility. And, of course, now I need to go to the store to pick up a Firewire cable - except the stores are closed now. DAMMIT.

Anyway... I think I'll polish off the last Guinness and play sosme more UT2K4. Hopefully, that will keep me busy until LittleLove arrives.
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