February 18th, 2004


I'm Going To Stop Watching Hockey

If Labatt Blue doesn't stop playing the SAME fucking commercial EVERY fucking commercial break. It may have been amusing the first 2-5 times, but after seeing it every fucking 5 minutes during the game AND the post-game report, I'm FUCKING SICK OF IT. Not to mention that it also shows up occasionally on other channels. They've got a whole library of "bear" commercials, LET'S SEE SOME GODDAMN VARIETY.


In other news, I'm in love... Advanced LAN Pump. Beautiful application by some smart person in Russia. It does one thing - copies files from one machine to another across a network. Big deal, right? YES, indeed! It SHOWS you what's going on, % complete, transfer rate, etc... It has a separate task for each directory. IT LETS YOU RESUME IF INTERRUPTED. The only challenge is actually finding the damn thing - the home site's download link doesn't work. I ended up having to search all these sites that google returned before finding a working link from simtel.net.

I had been trying to clean my 400G RAID array on the editing machine by copying all non-editing files to the file server's 400G RAID. Windows fucked it up somewhere, so I had to START OVER. Fuck Windows and its featureless copy that always shows the wrong information and doesn't let you have any meaningful indication of what's going on.

I did the walk to the trash/mailbox, and them some basic home XR Size today. I'm trying to keep doing something every day, to get the doc off my back.

I made a pseudo-impulse purchase today. I ordered a new Pioneer 8x DVD burner. Fucker was like $160 shipped. I figure having that in my file server will be handy. Not that I have any 8x media, but... Being able to keep those files on the file server instead of having to move them to the editing machine every time I want to burn is a good thing. I'm trying to keep the editing machine just for editing, after all.
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