February 15th, 2004


Early Day

Got up and out early, arrived at the store just after they opened. Located the scanner, and also picked up 2 items which were free after rebate. Took awhile at the register, since the third rebate receipt didn't print out - then they realized they needed to hand out copies of this rebate form, so that took a few to organize.

Stopped by the post office to get stamps. Damn it's nice and dead there early on a Sunday. Used up all but a single penny of the change I had in the car to get stamps - I should have brought the rest that I dug out of misc places yesterday. Ah well. Then got gas, since the light was on.

Was a bit chilly outside, and there's still leftover snow on the ground. I came home and unpacked the scanner, then tried it out quickly using the default XP driver. Holy shit, it's fast. Much faster than my old one, and it should be even faster once I use the included software. Supposedly, it makes a pass in one direction to preview, then auto-crops and uses the return pass for the actual scan. It makes a much higher pitches whine when it's scanning, but it's not too bad. I like the slimline design a bit better, and the black color matches my laptop nicely.

Then I started laundry and took a little nap - mostly just let my mind wander, didn't really sleep. Of course, lunch was next. I cleaned up the counter, which had all sorts of crap from my organizing and unpacking on it. Then I made fajitas. Yummy, tho I ran out of Mongolian Fire Oil. Ah well, I should head to the store later anyway. Will polish them off for dinner.

I realized that I have a doc appt tomorrow morning - I knew I'd forget. So I'll need to hook up the work laptop and send an email. That also means I have to fast tonight - bleh. I'd count on me crashing early.
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New Dream Toy

Dell just came out with a gaming laptop that kicks the shit outta mine.... Mmmm, tasty. I think I'll be dreaming of that one for awhile.

I seem to have bursts of energy... I went shopping, etc earlier then napped. I just cleaned out the catbox and took another load of trash out, then organized the bins with my computer stuff in. Now I'm kinda feeling lazy.

I was going to dig out the A/V cables and hook up at least 2-3 speakers, the receiver, and the DVD player so I could watch Red Dwarf if the mood struck. Now, I think I'll just see what's on TV.
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