February 10th, 2004



Well, more ups and downs.

I spilled catshit everywhere trying to empty out the box. The only mail I received was a note saying I owe on rent.

OTOH, the tripod I got ROCKS. It's really nifty. I'm happy with it. If it didn't have an annoying extra protrusion on the shoe making it impossible to mount my digicam on it the correct direction, and a fluid panhead, it'd be perfect. But it does have a bubble level, the pan handle is also a remote for the DVcam, it's light, it came with its own carrying case, it's got those nice snaplocks on the legs (3 each), and one side of the box is in Japanese. Oh, and it's got a sticker on it in Japanese as well. Rocks, I tell you, rocks.

I finished off Ninja Scroll TV. Interesting, but... overall kinda eh.

I've been burning DVDs and CDs of all sorts of crap off. I my do one more before crashing.

I did take a long nap earlier, which seems to have helped somewhat... I mean, I did get up and out and take trash out and check the mail and all that, so... It must have done something.

Tiger's been cuddling with me fairly nonstop - as long as I'm on the couch. We napped earlier, and now he seems to want to just curl up into me and sleep. I keep getting up to change discs and waking him up tho.
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Sharing Pain

Someone has a headache... So I have one as well. Funny how that happens sometimes.

I've not been very motivated... Did do some burning, and walked out to get the mail... But that's about it. I've got stuff that I want to get done, just not the current motivation to dig in and do it atm.

Bleh, just... bleh.
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