January 25th, 2004



I managed to avoid an actual nap last night, although I did go to bed somewhat early... And woke up early,as well. Had breakfast, then went back to sleep.

Got up, showered, and snacked. Then I decided to tackle putting up the shrinkwrap insulation stuff. I just finished the downstairs - fireplace, door, window. It seems to be working - either I'm warmer than usual or the place is.... It seems part of the issue was the fireplace itself - I was losing most of the heat out of it. I can tell because the plastic is concave around the fireplace right now. The door was also pretty drafty, and I added some caulk to it as well.

I've still got piles of stuff taking up part of the living room, but at least I can tell that I've managed to push them back a bit. I don't know that I'll get too much more done today... I may start unboxing CDs and/or DVDs, and try to store the few books that are still sitting out on shelves.

Tried to make a dent in my email... mostly regarding lj comments.

Made fajitas for lunch, and will be having the leftovers for dinner. I just remembered to start laundry.

I may be getting another web page gig... Which is all well and good, but I really need to find someone to take care of the graphics on these things. I really just don't have the skill to do it myself. I'm still sitting on the Chinese one because of that.

I did some work on my bedroom last night - finally got the last of the clothes out of the suitcases and in drawers or hung up properly., pseudo-assembled the drafting desk, etc. I think I'm going to try to sell the drafting desk and my bedroom furniture. Kind of awkward things to sell, but I think I'd be better off without them.
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