January 12th, 2004



Just talked to RedneckNinja for about an hour - they made it back safe (if not sound) from Japan. Many amusing tales were related, although they hadn't slept and were sick, so I expect to hear much more later.

Also sounds like they scored some nifty toys for themselves and others.
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Completed my major task for the week before lunch, then headed out to do some shopping. Scored a new feline torture device vacuum, and a computer desk that will hopefully fit in the space and enable both desktops to be active at once.

Went home and assembled the vac, then used it briefly - it's nice. It had a different sound/feel than my old one, but I'm hoping it will do well. It did fare decently against the existing cat hair, so I have hopes. Had lunch, then realized the time, so headed back in.

Will attempt assembly of the desk later, and call it my next step towards getting the living room all organized and such.

For now, have some minor things to take care of at work - reports, lab machine maintenance, etc. Should be able to split at a decent time.
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I managed to get the desk together (after a nap). It did require me to get the toolbox out and use some... alternate tools that weren't in the manual. However, it wasn't too bad for a $50 desk with some tubular steel parts. Basically, there were some horrible tack welds or something that had to be... convinced... to move into the right position.

Then came the joy of joys... unassembling the mess of computer and networking gear, and reassembling it a few feet away on/above/in/around the desk. This task was hampered by the fact the desk fit over the subwoofer at first, then settled and no longer fit quite so well. That realization necessitated removing all the objects from the desk, moving the subwoofer out, and then moving the desk back and replacing all the objects. Not fun, rework sucks.

Then, of course, I had to figure out placement, what with varying cord lengths and such. I still have the cable modem over at the edge of the entertainment center with a network cord strung along the mantle behind the art over to the desk. The WAP and router are nicely visible in the shelf I put on top of the desk as a pseudo-hutch. I think I'm getting a better signal, too. Most of the cords are hidden or routed on the backside of the desk, so it looks much cleaner as well.

Of course, I came over to the couch to log on and realized something was wrong. Realized that the WAP and the router weren't showing a connection, even though the cable was there. Spent some time looking for an alternate cable before I decided to recheck the connection. Viola, there might be a short in the cable or something - I wiggled it, and everything lit up. This would somewhat explain why I kept having intermittent drops when Oz was here - the network stuff was in a precarious perch, and the cats could wander around the cords. So I may go get a nice new short patch cable.

The other revelation is that there's a killer draft coming from the door/window/fireplace. Despite the fact that I have curtains and boxes all up there to block such things, it's still going pretty good. I think I'll have to hit the depot or somesuch and get some caulking or similar in order to block some of that. It's pretty ridiculous, and it gets quite chilly down here.

I had some popcorn for a snack. Bleh. Wasn't very good or fulfilling. I didn't even finish the bag.

I think I'll wait to boot the editing machine - I'm not really into doing any of that right now. It's just nice that it is available when I am. Of course, I do need to do some data transfer and burn some DVDs...

I'm using the box from the desk instead of buying a baby gate to try to keep the cats out of the area at the top of the stairs... I don't know how well it will work - I already had to convince Enigma not to mess with it.

I think I'll focus next on the piles in front of the entertainment center, which I'm dreading. I'm considering just tossing my old front speakers and using the surrounds temporarily. They're just in the way, really. The other option would be to sell off the sub - and I just can't see doing that atm.

What I'd really like is a local AuctionDrop or similar... That would make things SO much easier.
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