December 31st, 2003


Cleaned Up

Old apt is clean, just a few boxes to trash and a stool to grab left. I unexpectedly had help, so it went faster than I figured it would.

Had a niceish evening.

Now that I've breakfast and pills out of the way, I think I'll head back to sleep.
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It Is Done

Got up and out finally. Cleared the rest of the apt stuff and turned over the keys and openers. Gave them my old, er new address - oops, at first.

New place's office was closed. Fuckers. That must be one cake job - they seem to be closed way more often than I thought such a place could be. Found my mailbox at the new place. For some reason, it wasn't full... strange.

I find that I'm lacking motivation today.

I just moved, and I already have an AOL disc >_
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