December 23rd, 2003



Kinda busy day.

Decided to go out and see The Last Samurai, which was playing pretty much immediately across town. Made it there a bit late, so missed the previews and opening. Haha gave some kid $1 because he was short for his ticket to see whatever they wanted to see.

Movie was good. There were a few rough spots they could have fixed, and some other minor issues. Overall, however, it was one of the most engaging stories I've seen of late.

Then headed over to pick up relatives for dinner. I was getting bitchy by that point, since I hadn't remembered to bring a snack to the movie. Relatives grated on me. Chinese was eh. Good dumplings, pretty good soup, but the meal was... meh.

Went back to relatives' place for a bit, where I was presented with a pic of a dead relative and some strange toothpicks. *shrug*

I was glad to get out of there, it was a sort of taste of the next two days... meh.

I'm not sure what happened, but my stomach is now unsettled again. I had finally gotten it settled after a few days, and now it's acting up again. Argh.

As we were leaving earlier, I saw a snake in the driveway, and picked it up out of harm's way. Could have been poisionous, from what they're telling me. *shrug*

I may just crash early, not sure... between running around (and having to park in BFE) and the headache and the stomach unsettledness, I'm kinda beat.
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Emotional Illness

So, as the net connection was becoming FUBARed earlier, I started playing Slay in order to gain some sort of patience while I waited.

Haha came in, crying. They had finally broken down about Chichi not being here for xmas. I did what little I could.

I finished my game in a 2nd best record-tying 16 days. I still don't recall how I managed 14 days once.

Then I realized I really felt bad. Really bad. So I went to bed.

Woke up with a headache, mostly I think from a sore neck. Finally got up, had some water and a snack. Haha came out to check on me.

I think I'll finish up pretty quick and have another glass of water or soy milk, take some tylenol or something, and head back to bed. I'm not fond of my health of late.
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