December 22nd, 2003


Well then

Took an offline break last night, and read isntead. This book is like a cross between WoT and HP.

I read until about 5am, then crashed.

I was up around 10, and Haha was already out running around.

I think I'm gonna just veg a bit today, perhaps do laundry. Have leftovers for dinner - although it was hard to convince Haha that we didn't need another meal.
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Finished It

Well, I finished the book I was reading... Meh. I got a bit more into it in the middle, then the end let me down.

It's too pat, too neat. Everything was resolved, except for the obvious cause for a sequel. Reminds me WAY too much of the WoT books - overly large for no apparent reason. I fear the same repititious storytelling that caused me to cease reading those. So, no thanks to the sequels.

Haha made brunch - pancakes, eggs, and bacon. They're sleeping now. I'm contemplating a shower, or a nap. Not sure which will win out. *sniff* oh, shower it is then.
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Strange Nacht

Friend of Haha's came over for a bit. Meh.

Went through some of Chichi's things to take back with me. I don't really care to lug a checked bag through heightened security, but... Ah well.

RedneckNinja called, talked for quite a bit - always fun.

Was watching the History Channel (read: dozing off) when my phone rang. It was A. Turns out the believe they got hacked, and were looking for info. Hard to do over the phone, but I recommended they change all their passwords, low and high level format their drives, and use a firewall next time.

Now I'm just going to catch up a bit and get Acrobat Reader installed so we can print out our hockey tickets.
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