November 16th, 2003


ow damn

my thumbs hurt.... maybe I'm getting a little too into SSX3...

Got a Platinum medal finally... was working offline a bit to hone my online skills... I just can't imagine being able to shave 45 seconds off of my time for some of the races, though.
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I'm slow... because of FAST

Yeah, Doc in the am... gotta fast... ugh.

Went and spent a staggering amount of cash on snack bars... but I should be set for a few weeks.

Did Daily DDR, but cut it a bit short.

My thumbs still ache from SSX3... got 2 more Platinums, and another online loss due to a) excellent competition and b) screwing up horribly. Couldn't find anyone else to play online, so went offline until I got too frustrated to play.

Got the chichi tapes recapped and one of them recoded for editing.... Still have the other to do before figuring out how to condense all 4+ hours of material into a single DVD with some room for the titles, transitions, menus, and photos.

I don't know what to do with my vacation time... I'm thinking I'll store it up since I'm not heading to either OH or FL, and use it for FL and moving in Dec instead. I dunno... It's kinda my last chance, since supposedly we're losing the other people who know what they're doing in the dept at the end of the year... I'm sure that means those of us who remain will be asked to fill in for them - as if.

I thought I got something else done today, but I can't recall.

I'm sore and achy and blah... gonna head to bed to occupy myself until the doc... otherwise I'm liable to snack.
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