September 25th, 2003



I forgot to add the blurb about my dream...

something about a singles social on the moon... Chichi and Haha were helping organize it.. and participating... I was there in a pseudo-3rd person sense.

I woke up realizling Chichi is gone.
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I took some before I crashed, and it seems to have helped me sleep for a few hours... then I woke before my alarm and such.

Interesting note - I had a spider dangling from my hair when I went into the shower. And there was another one crawling around the vent. Wonder why the sudden rush?

Anyways, I'm thinking of switching to jeans this morning, it's a little chilly... windows were open all night, which made a nice temp inside.

Gonna finish up breakfast and get moving - even if I'm a bit early. Still have to figure out how to stuff everything I'm taking into a single carryon.
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Construction is today's bane of my existance. The airport has been remodled since my last trip... Looks good. First flight was okay... One of the attendants was cute until they spoke... A transsexual just sat down next to me.
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Was heading to the MARTA station and saw captain Dave, who grabbed me to head to the con with Nadleman and posse.
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