September 24th, 2003



slept horribly.

Found out that it's the MARTA not the BART I'm interested in, oops. Ah well. Hayama's going to go, which is awesome. Hopefully they'll be able to move all weekend.

Intel is sponsoring One Unwired Day, so I suppose I'll be taking my WiFi card with me on the trip to AWA... And ensuring NetStumbler is loaded.

Got some cheap sleeves and cases for my Munchkin Fu cards - the person I heard about the game from was at AWA last year, so I thought I'd bring them along just in case anyone wants to play.

Packed up most of my DVDs... Looks like I'll need a few more media boxes for those, plus the CDs... Got my Legos into subcontainers - those disposable ones for kitchen and such are great for them. Still have the greys with the monorail track pieces left to deal with, though.

Picked up Ash from school - they're doing homework now. Angel's gonna drop by after work to hang for a bit.

Went to Chinese for lunch, and got razzed by the waitstaff about marrying Angel. It was funny, really... they both had different opinions on the subject, but it was all good. Then the owner came out and we talked for quite awhile about various things.

I have a few more things left to do as far as prep for the trip... then I need to pack and such... I'm not looking forward to the morning, since my schedule is so far off - If I would have known, i would have tried to book a 6am flight and just stay up instead.

I like these soy chips, they remind me of those Taco Hell cinnamon thingies. Also gotta finish up these bananas and apples, tho I suppose I could take one with me, along with the snack and breakfast bars...

Oh yeah, I'm still needing to read Transmet #8, Dirge.. I've got to know the ending to the story, dammit.
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I just had an epiphany....

I'm going to go to AWA without my laptop.

I need to unplug for a few days.
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