August 4th, 2003



Got the toy running with very little reconfig necessary. Did a few little things with it, but still need to dig out software and such to get everything set up and all. Part of that is figuring out the power for the older machine so they can both be on at the same time.

Finally got all the toy pics up.

Fri night went to hang with Angel and Ash and L.. played some Munchkin and GLDL. Got up, came home, vegged and such for a bit, then got Chinese and Angel came over to eat and such. Ended up getting into a bit of a disagreement.

Sun talked to Haha and RedneckNinja, and eventually went to deal with Angel. Was close, but ended up turning out okay. We took Sadi to the park, then came back here to veg for the night.

Ithink I may go back to bed for a bit... Already showered, just need to grab lunch and head in to work.
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