May 27th, 2003


Procrastination, and a Burr up my...

So I slept like complete crap.... Dreams/nightmares involving influences from Donny Darko (and yes, I mean Frank), as well as several other movies I can't recall right now... There were a few friends/LJers in there too - I know LinC was one of them... I think that, it being my first night not on meds in a week or so, my brain had some catching up to do.

Because of this, I decided to sleep in. Quite a bit, really.

I got up and out a bit early, and proceeded to leave the house without my checkbook. This is a normal thing, as I hate checks and having to lug the checkbook around. However, it makes things difficult when trying to pay for things like insurance and tags.... So I turned around and tried again. I couldn't find the insurance office, since I knew they had sent me a note saying they were moving... Ended up calling them, and they hadn't moved yet >_<

So I went to their old office and paid. No big deal there. Chinese for lunch, as it was nearby. Didn't quite think I had time to get the tags, so I went to work. "We're glad you're here! We've got problems with all this crap, and need you to fix it for us." Bleh. That, and some news about another project's timeframes (we get it BEFORE any other team has finished testing it) kept me occupied for a bit. I went to finally try to get my stuff working, and we got a notice to stop all testing for an hour or so.

I ended up leaving at that point, and heading towards the License place... Forgot the exact directions, found my way to the wrong office, and they told me to "go across the street" Nice and specific, that. Found the place, and was pleasantly surprised that there was NO LINE. Got right in, paid, got my sticker, and headed out. Got mixed up, took some back roads that led back to the road I had been on, then finally got back where I was familiar enough with to get back home.

Got in, and it stank. Pussies had evidently filled their box, so my first task after changing clothes was to scoop the box. Also did some cleaning around that area, and moved the box a bit - I think maintenance is supposed to come in this week for some reason. Still have some dishes and trash to take care of, but I figure on going later and checking the mail while I'm at it.

Now, to log on to work and see if we're running or not.. and finish off my lunch leftovers and the last of the curry. Still need to get to the store sometime...
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