April 28th, 2003


(un)productive at work

Let's see... ICQ keeps yo-yoing... I seem to have pissed off Angel... went to Chinese for lunch.... have a small task to do by wed that should take 45 mins max, and I've already got part of it done.... Need to get cat food, litter, and human food and drinks... want to leave early.. want to look for that one water thingy for the cats...

My productivity has been grabbing all the movies from Odd Todd, and working on adding features and fixing issues on my Stuff page.

Enigma is mostly quiet now.. a little whiny now and then... and more cuddly for sure...

Tiger seems to really enjoy being near me when I'm either sleeping or doing something... Not as much when I'm just vegging.
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Got the pics from LJ dinner with Ectv up at last... Webhost said "oh yeah, that always happens when we do X.. we'll fix it later, it's not a big deal" *growl*

Anyways... lots of fun pics there... and the movies of ectv going down on segasnk for the blowjob shot....

Too lazy to do commentary...

The page itself is in the style of my new pic template, which I was wokring on this afternoon at work.

Went to dinner with Morphine and Hunny, then out shooping at Petco, Wild Oats, and La Boutique De La Target.... bought lots of stuff for the pussies.

Tiger freaked out at the new electric water dish, Enigma didn't seem to get it... We'll see what happens when they get thirsty... The bursh I got grabbed alot of the shed, so I'm happy with it. Haven't broken in the food or litter yet.

Got my characters to level 7 in Eye Of The Beholder... I'm hoping that's not a hard limit, I still have a few more dungeon levels to get though... not gaining any more HP and such would suck. Ah well. Still fun, tho I kinda want to be done with it so I can get back to .Hack....

Nice night out... windows are open.

Hmmm.... guess I'll crash here soon, I've got an 8am meeting >_
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