April 23rd, 2003



Slept pretty well for some of the night.... Had a nice time hanging/talking with Angel... didn't get to bed until late, and was up early....

Right now feeling crappy and not wanting to go into work.... Ah well...

I think I'm gonna call the person back and cancel the interview... It just doesn't feel right... Like that time I went in for a job interview and instead got a group sales pitch about cutlery.... I'm thinking one of my friends used me as a reference, and that's how they fiind people to pitch to... Normally, they talk a bit more about your background and possible positions and only need 3 references... This was pretty much a set up to get me to come in with no idea what the fit would be... I was at work, so I didn't take the time to ask too many questions.


The cats have shed hair all over the place... I need to vac tonight...
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not feeling well, that's for sure... stuck at work.

feeling either sickly or freaky... not sure which....

been fighting a headache all day...

I've got nothing to do, plan on going home ASAP to sleep... maybe eat.

Hayward's for lunch with Rodimus...

uh.... yeah.
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