April 22nd, 2003


Can't Sleep Without You

Sleep sucked.

Enigma was being whiny, bitchy, and freaky... Had to get up and warn him several times, then finally broke out the carrier... Which made him whiine more or less constantly for the rest of the night.

Woke up early, figured I might as well get up.... Tho I didn't really sleep nearly enough.
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uh yeah

let's see here... went to La Boutique De La Target last night.... Ostensibly, to buy some things I 'needed'.... Well, I was feeling a bit down, and buying stuff always brightens the day a little....

Eye of the Beholder for GBA was only $10.... And I saw Kiki's Delivery Service and Laputa: Castle In The Sky with an attached coupon.... So yeah... Also bought misc other stuff and some food.

Tried to sleep.... Enigma was irritating me most of the night, and ended up in the carrier.

Woke up early-ish... Got ready and out to work early. Caught up on 100+ emails, and sat down to accomplish a few things.... Boss dropped some irritating paperwork on me, but I dealt.

Family friend called, asking for my email and snail mail addresses in case other family friends want to contact me.

Went to Chinese for lunch with Rodimus... somehow, our refill tea pot was ice cold.... Went striaght back to work so we could get our shit done and leave....

Had a voicemail on my work phone from someone saying they wanted to talk to me about a job... and that they were refered to me by someone else, but they didn't say who.... I called them back, and set up an interview tomorrow... But I'm kinda suspicious, and will prolly end up cancelling.

Ended up making a deal to sell my WAP kinda cheap, but I want to upgrade to G... so any extra on that helps. Also BSed for a bit.... Discussed what was coming up with my other boss, and decided to go ask Rodimus about an old util for splitting files... Came to realize it wouldn't quite do what I wanted after all, and Rodimus got to coding one in VBA for me...

That's really my forte... I can see the need for little helper apps and make suggestions for improvements and such.... Do testing, all that... Coding's not really my strong point, though. Anyway, Rodimus knocked out enough to do what I needed, but we were discussing improvements and additions.... Ended up not leaving quite as early as hoped, as we were wrapped up with that.

Came home, had a sandwich, and napped until Angel called. Putzed around doing this and that, then came over to her place... We're just sitting around on our computers and such.
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