March 31st, 2003


well, yeah

chatted until 1am or so.... crashed hard.

woke up briefly to get a drink, then crashed again.

had a strange dream, don't remember it really.... woke up. was gonna go back to sleep, but decided to glance at the clock first - I hadn't set my alarm, and it was time - so i got up.

Took my toy to work, spent the morning showing it off. Went to Chinese alone for lunch. Chatted with Angelfate and Hunny until it was meeting time, and that took the rest of the afternoon.

Came home, I'm out of it... need to take the trash out and get to the store tho.... perhaps a nap first, then food, then store..... or food, then nap, then store....

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yes, well...

nap ended up being first.

pretty much took away any motivation I had to move, as well.

hrm, well... perhaps I can still get up and get food. Oh yeah, I'm mostly out.... Either pb on a spoon, popcorn, a little pasta, or ramen.

mmm, ramen... yes, I think I'll do that... then see if I can gain some momentum and get the trash thing and store thing done.
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