March 30th, 2003



I'm still out of it.... Yesterday was pretty busy, with trying to get the place all cleaned up for the party. Thankfully, I had help.

Party was pretty successful, seems like just about everyone had a blast. Lots of fun stuff, got a chance to show the kids what for and all that. Ended the night with... theraputic.... conversation. I hadn't been able to have such in too long - I was reluctant to end it.

I slept pretty well, too.... Woke up once briefly for some reason, but other than that.... First decent sleep in a few days, I had really been dragging. Current;y feeling a bit dehydrated, but not headachy like I had been.

Nothing going on today, had enough post-party cleanup that only taking out the trash is left, and it's already bagged.
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They called earlier.... Chichi is giong into the hospital to begin the whole ordeal. I'll have to look up fligts for my visit.

Chichi was doing okay on the phone, but they broke down at one point.


I've been napping.
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