March 27th, 2003


screwey sleep schedule

So I woke up a bit ago, feeling completely dehydrated... I'll prolly try to down another full glass of water before I head back to bed. It's just strange that I was so tired that I had to crash, couldn't stay awake.... and now I'm just fuzzy enough to be able to head back and sleep - tho I could just stay up.

I checked work email, and seem to not have to work... so I sent an email to the boss saying I was gonna be out Thurs and Fri... had already talked to my coworker about it.
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Lucky LJ Lunch

This post brought to you by angelfate's ass.

The group preparing to leave.

My view down the table towards Gnome

angelfate chowing down

My food, which looked really good, but was merely okay as far as taste

Waitress taking pics of the group

Finally, a Gnome appears outside

Freaky Lemon?

The necessary camera taking picture of camera taking picture of camera shot


The LJ Lunch drinking game... DRINK!

All the pics

In closing, angelfate would like to wish you a happy day.