March 22nd, 2003



I was completely out of it earlier, so I crashed....

Now I'm awake due to a nightmare.

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.hacking the day away

Woke up kinda early... called Oz as requested, but their phone was off -_-

Started playing more.hack//sign infection.... kinda funny that the next 2 games are already out in Japan. Pretty much just been enjoying the weather with the window open - and I see dark clouds approaching! This could be even better. Lotsa people walking their pets outside.

I suppose that'll be my day... just hanging around and such. Slightly restless, but not as bad as yesterday's lonely/anitsocial combo.

I declined Rodimus' offer yesterday to go to Chinese for lunch again today... I went 5 days in a row, I think a break is called for. I'm just about to get off the couch and make a sandwich.

Perhaps gathering later.. perhaps not.

One of my websites is still down... it's been 30 hours or so... they say they're working on it.... I'd like them to just switch me to a box with newer versions - maybe I should suggest that.
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finally, found a hockey game to watch....

took a nap earlier.... Oz called, but let me go... continued napping for a bit.

Just had a snack... site still down... prolly gonna do more .hack in a few... rain still hasn't started, but it is cloudy still.
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idle / dangerous

I did it.

I ordered the laptop. It's a refurb, but they were having a nice deal which basically got the 3 year on site warranty and accidental damage protection for free.... whew, that's a rush.

and no, it wasn't this one.

what sparked it? my UPS alarm went off - I believe the battery is now dead. Just another frustration dealing with the desktop.

Oz called... they had a.... visitor.... amusing conversation.

Checking on dinner plans...
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Mobile Pentium® 4 processor 2.0GHz-M
15 inch Ultra Sharp UXGA
1.44 MB Floppy Disk Drive
40 GB EIDE Hard Drive (5400 RPM)
64 MB DDR 4XAGP ATI 9000 Video Card
Internal 56k v.92 capable Modem
Integrated 10/100 Fast Ethernet Network Card
24X CD-RW/DVD Combo Drive
Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional

I'll look into upgrading the RAM and adding a second drive later... this should keep me for now.
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MA flick

why didn't anyone tell me FX had a full day of (horrible) martial arts flicks?

the current one is Kickboxer 4... which is not only bad, but boring as well.

The saving grace was the trailer for Bulleproof Monk... Which I'll probably go see in the theater, even if it does look like a Remo Williams remake.. at least it's got Chow Yun Fat.
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