March 21st, 2003


what was I thinking?

I made a mistake... I decided to browse over to the idiots' site and see what trash talking they were doing about me.... which killed the good mood I had been in. Dammit.

Well, I don't know that there's much I can do about it... They have their opinions, and I have mine. I just get pissed when people (granted, kids) act like that... I feel I am doing my best to accomplish something, and all I hear is complaints... Even from my own side. There's quite a bit of temptation to drag it out - use their methods, trash talking and stirring shit up. It's hard not to. But it does prove the point - I'm the one not acting like a 9 year old.

Anyway, got the day off... suppose I'll get showered here eventually... Need to go to the store for food, perhaps hit Chinese for lunch for the 5th day in a row. I'd also like to get out to the good Funcoland, but I really don't need to be buying anything more right now - I've still got unopened PS2 games.

Oh, got the taxes back yesterday - I owe >_< I sprang for the extra insurance, just in case... They were kind of complex, and I don't want to have it come back on me if they screwed up. I did get pocket change back from the feds, but spent it on the tax prep. Ah well, at least it wasn't too bad... Tho I'm wondering if the biz is costing me more than it's worth....
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From Haha

Subject: back to Houston

Hi everyone. Well, we are leaving for Houston tomorrow so Chichi can be
evaluated on his health/nutrition situation to see if they will go ahead with
the removal of his spleen and the bone marrow transplant. He has been trying
very hard to increase his caloric intake, gain some weight, and increase his
activity so we can get the go ahead for everything.

We will only be in Houston for a few days this time and we are staying at the
[removed] while there. It looks like we
will be returning on Wednesday, the 26th, and, hopefully, we will have a better
idea of the time frame for our temporary move to Houston.
Chichi and I have plans to meet with a very nice lady Chichi met on the website for
people with his disease......her husband is currently going through the bone
marrow transplant and is in isolation right now. She will take us to the area
he is in and show us the set-up for the isolation rooms, etc. Naturally, Chichi
is anxious to see where he will be staying for a a month or more.

Also, some great friends of ours, S and R, will be in Houston at the
same time. R is also facing a transplant and we could all end up being in
Houston for our 4-6 month stay at the same time........wouldn't that be
wonderful? Please keep R and S in your thoughts and prayers during this
very difficult time.

If we don't have a chance to update you while in Houston, we will do so when we

Love to all of you,
Haha & Chichi