March 16th, 2003



went out to get an rca cable.. they had svideo and rfu at both wallyworld and target... I actually got up and out before bb opened. Ah well, I'll deal.
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Happiness is... SSX Tricky

So I made a deal yesterday, got a PS2 + 2 controllers + memcard + DVD remote below what used PS2s alone generally go for.

Then I went and spent a wad on games... SSX Tricky, .hack//sign, DDR MAX, THPS4, Dark Cloud 2, Devil May Cry 2, and Xenosaga. 5 of the 7 were on sale.

Ended up at the mall for most of the early evening... Was nice to hang out, saw ppl and such. Then went to Chinese with Morphine and Hunny - we closed the place down, just sitting and chatting and drinking tea. I had all the PS2 stuff in my car, so we just went back to their place and hooked it up. Unwrapped SSX Tricky and played it for several hours - you know it was a good time due to the screaming and cursing. I've got this fucking hilarious replay saved where Hunny decided to take out ALL the glass in the channel, piece by piece. We were laughing so hard... Hunny actually was crying and having a hard time breathing. Eventually, Hunny's stomach and sinus headache combined to stop the game.. and we sat and chatted a bit more while I worked up the motivation to leave.

So yeah... good time. Good day. That's the kind of thing the weekend is supposed to be.

I've been playing SSX Tricky most of the morning.... Then switched to .hack//sign a bit ago.. very interesting. I'm into it. I've also got sore thumbs. Haven't even opened the rest yet.

Also looking at a deal on a used GC, but FAO has a new one on sale really cheap right now... not that I need one really.

It's been a nice day. a little chatting, a few posts, windows open, fresh air abounds... talked to the rents briefly, before their battery died. Doing laundry also... have some minor cleaning and such to do as well, but overall it's just nice to relax.
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