March 7th, 2003



I know, I've always wanted to read my LJ in the bathroom mirror.

Went to Zio's the with crew... The chicken fried chicken was excellent, the alfredo wasn't... I still prefer Faz's...

Had a clove outside, and shared. Headed back home to grab a movie, the gba, and a beer. Then over to Morphine and Hunny's to veg.

Was relaxing, just sitting around chatting and everyone doing thier own thing with the animals and such. Rodimus left, and Futurama came on... then Home Movies, then Reign... I eventualy wandered off, after playing quite a bit with the dog.

Oz called. A called. I'll have to catch up with them tomorrow.

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rant on expectations

It's a fact, people expect certain things form each other. I'm no different - it disappoints me greatly when my expectation aren't met.

What, exactly, are my expectations? Let's see... For my friends, I have several. I expect a friend to:

  • Always tell me the truth, even if it's something they think I don't want to hear
  • Tell me if something I do or say bothers them, pisses them off, or hurtrs them
  • Take what I say in the light it is meant - constructive criticism and such
  • Not push me too hard if I'm in a down/solitary/dark mood - a gentle push to go out and have fun or similar is fine, but when I appraoch the edge, don't send me over.
  • Know that they can come to me and tell me anything without anyone else ever hearing of it
  • Be aware of our mutual trust and loyalty, and not abuse it
  • Do what they say they are going to do

It's not that big a list, really... Perhaps I've left some things out. It just seems, sometimes, that it's somehow very hard to follow. I will agree that I don't always follow these things either, so it's unfair in some ways to expect it of others. Maybe it's a goal list instead, what I want to work towards. It still sucks/hurts/get me pissed when people don't follow them.

Why oh why does it have to be that way? I love all my friends. They are good people - they have their faults (as do I), but they tend towards being good. What makes them do things which impact me negatively? What makes me do the same to them, am I not also good (or at least lawful netural)?

I think it's probably because friendship, like love, doesn't play by the rules. Intentions aren't actions.
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4 hours, 2 showers

Rodimus woke me up to remind me of our monthly lunch meeting with RunningBear. I got up, made a post, took a shower, and headed out to Hayward's to meet them. RunningBear was outside on the phone for 30+ minutes whiile Rodimus and I waited. It was otherwise okay.

From there, I headed out to play DDR Extreme. I was pretty much the only person playing, as well as even in the whole place. I wore myself out - they have it set on 5 songs for $0.75 AND joint premium... Amazing. Some of the new songs are interesting, as are the ones from other Bemani games. I especially enjoyed the ones from DMX.

I sat in my car for a little bit after that, just cooling down.. then drove home with the sunroof up and the windows down. I'm gonna have a shower here in a few, then open the windows and air out the place.

I should prolly dig into my comp and figure out what's going on... and call Oz and A back, as well.
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We've got to stop eating like this

I called A, and they were available tonight for dinner. I took a nap, they called back, and we went out to J's.

It was fun, amusing, good. I couldn't resist the temptation of the Steak Maui and the Chicken Pasta Soup... I also had a Bass, which went nicely with it all. They had the French Dip and some wine. We chatted about all sorts of things, from work to homes to websites to LASIK. Good stuff.

Not going anywhere, but that's okay. We're supposed to not wait a year to hang out again.

I've been spending water like money lately - the past few days especially - I suppose that's why it's dangerous to have days off. I'll need to curb that here shortly, until I figure out what taxes and such are going to be. Which reminds me, I need to get in and get that done.

I've been eating well these past few days - too well. Overeating, really. I'll have to try to tone that down, as well.

I'm jonesing for a clove, so I think I'll step outside and enjoy the nice evening a bit.
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Well, that's good... I suppose

Started troubleshooting the desktop. Took out the soundcard, disconnected the DVD drive, the floppy drive, and the cuecat.

Viola. Primary Master drive works just fine. So, it seems to be the power supply. Again. And me without canned air to clear it out - that usually fixes it. I'm looking at it, and it's a small 250W PS... The 400W I have prolly isn't going to fit in there without taking off this integral bracket... I may as well just give it up and get a new case like I want to.

I love this case, but... There are so much flashier cases out now. I figure on getting one of those, and using this one as a mod experiment. Or get a cube, even... Dunno if I wanna drop that much on the case tho. Then again, I'm looking at one of those water-cooled cases too... Either way, not cheap. Again, let me put those wants aside until taxes are figured.

Anyway, ATM I'm going ahead and burning some data off my primary drive.. just in case...

Once again, I love having two machines.... so much nicer to be able to let one burn while browsing and such with the other.
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