March 6th, 2003


digicam works

Had to test it out....

So here we have my obviously overcrowded DVD/CD shelf....

Next up is the new webcam / light....


The two new stress books from Chichi....

And the Futurama sign...

Or, they can all be seen at once.
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I wonder, sometime, whose schedule my body is on. I'm awake at 5am for no apparent reason.... Figured I'd check a few things before heading back to sleep.
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go me

it occured to me... I forgot to mention that I spent a bit of time yesterday at the dealership, taking care of the car. Just routine maintenance, nothing big... tho I didn't get a wash "because of the weather" bah.

Today, I got up and out in time to sit around J's for an hour waiting for the people who were buying lunch, then waiting for a table. Since their company was paying, we went all out. Chicken Pasta Soup, Steak Maui, and Cheesecake for me... The steak was SOOOOO good - I didn't know they had such a good steak there.

I headed out to the mall after that, to buy cloves... and ended up with new shades. Not mirrored, but much nicer than the free pair I had been using. Also got a case and a care kit with them.

Next was Gameco, which sucked. And I thought Funcoland's prices were high....

I looped back around and went to Wallyworld... wandered for awhile, looking at various things. Finally picked out a pen cup for my computer desk and a new CD/DVD shelf.

Decided to skip Target of Hy-Vee, and head straight home... And my garage door opener didn't work, so I drove on back to the office. They informed me that there was a conflict with another garage, and they'd just fixed the other one... So I had to park outside, but oh well. They should have it fixed and back to me sometime today. I hope.

Now just vegging... not much going on... I think I'll have to go to the store or out for dinner. But I'm stil working off lunch, so it's okay.
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well, fuck

I went to VNC into my desktop... host not found...

I walked over to it, turned on the screen to find it completely black and the message "Press A Key To Reboot.".

Turned it off, waited a bit, turn it back on... Primary HD wasn't there.

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