March 1st, 2003



there's a few things I want to put here.... and some friends to comment on... people who I think I want to comfort and such...

however, I'm beat. I'm turning the phones off and heading to bed.

today was work, meeting, lunch/meeting, meeting, then home... vegged and FY for a bit, then Teppanyaki for dinner. Quick run home to grab some flicks, then to Morphine and Hunny's to watch Hellsing... we were going to watch Dragon Inn as well, but ended up just talking and such instead. We were all beat.

Hunny diagnosed some of the strange happenings of late as flashbacks... I'm still unsure, tho I do agree with the logic.
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damn, my feet hurt... I wonder if I overdid DDR the other day in more ways than I realized. At least my breathing seems to be more or less back to normal....

Dunno why I'm awake now... Woke up and figured I'd check in online before heading back... I may even grab breakfast as well...

The schedule for the day is - Eat , Sleep, Eat, Veg. Other than that, I've got nothing for sure. I want to try to finish FY today if I have the chance... But if something else comes up, I'll do that instead.

My digicam should be back soon... can't wait to have it available - not that I would have used it much anyways, but still...

Chichi sent me that book and pocket guide about stress.... At this point, I can't seem myself reading them... They'll just sit there like most of the books they've bought for me. Nonfiction just doesn't interest me.... And I haven't been reading much anyway. Still need to finish The Prince and start that Gundam novel I got the other day.

It seems as if more and more lately my feet have no circulation. They just turn into blocks of ice if I don't have socks on.

I should sort through my mail and bills, make sure I don't overlook anything else - I missed a credit card payment /: Also need to figure out if I'll have enough to get that laptop and still be on track to pay off my car when the lease ends.... I'm a bit worried about taxes, I should start on them.
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Decided I had enough of vegging/napping and went to Chinese for dinner. Had the Black Bean Chicken, which I had noticed on the menu the other day... it was wonderful. Also stopped by the liquor store for some beer... Honey Brown and Guinness. Dropped that off at home... then

I went and played PIU... damn I forgot how much I missed that... the crowds were great... and with only 1 other player, I got plenty of machine time.

Of course, now I'm drenched in sweat and sore and tired... but it's a good thing at least.

I plan to take a shower, break out a beer, and finish FY.... provided, of course, I can stay awake.
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    and sore and sweaty and worn out... but good