February 27th, 2003


FY rant

you know, I think I nailed down what irritates me so much about FY...

Collapse )

Anyway, that's about enough of that.

Got to work, did a few things... worked on some code... sat on a call.. sat in a meeting... went to Chinese for lunch with Rodimus... did a little more work... worked on personal projects.. talked parts with Jingoro...

Came home, ate, and then decided to go ahead and do DDR. Good idea. It was snowing, but I went anyways. Enjoyed it immensely, I missed it.

Came home, showered, and now just vegging. Gonna try to finish at least this FY disc I think.
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it figures

I post a rant about FY, and the last episode of the first disc Collapse )...

So now I've got a choice to make... push through to the next disc and lose sleep to advance the plot... or give up now. I know if I put the next disc in, I'll try to finish it tonight at least... EDIT: forget that... stupidity reigns again, I got irritated, so I'm crashing.

eh, WTH... not like I've got anything critical going on tomorrow, what with the stupid team meeting and 'team builder'

chatted a bit with Goofy and Yakumo.
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